Mini Update

Well, I don’t have a terrible lot to show you yet, but this is a snippet of my starting point: the colour palette and fun fonts. I am still in the phase of gathering artwork, and since I am using that of old show posters from the Fremont Players’ 10 year history, that entails a […]

Web Design Month

I’m getting a late start, but I’ve decided this month will be web design month for Æther Pie! I had been thinking about putting together an official Æther Pie website, but instead a more urgent need has arisen. The Fremont Players need a website update! They have a webmaster that can do coding, but he […]

July is Panto Month

After a month of taking pictures every single day, it’s time to use my brain cells for something else. This month I shall do a bit of acting. I do this thing called British panto with a local group, in which we destroy a fairy tale in the best fashion: with puns, slapstick, encouraged heckling […]

Photo a Day June

I’ve decided to participate in #photoadayjune on instagram. While my mobile camera is actually just an iPod touch with very poor resolution, I’m still having fun trying to meet the challenge. Here’s a look at my old Pentax Asahi for the day: #empty. Poor thing doesn’t get any love any more. Remember you can follow […]

Free Desktop Wallpapers


I have decided to turn some of my … shall we say, less unique (read: mostly floral) photography into desktop wallpapers that I am sharing for free. So far I am loving the results I get as I play with the soft colours that make for an attractive, yet not too over-cluttering, image. (I mean, […]

AEther Pie is born on deviantArt

I started using deviantART three years ago as ~only-a-phlizz. ‘Phlizz’ was a word made up by Lewis Carroll in his book Sylvie and Bruno and described something that was made out of air – unsubstantial and disappearing with time, though having all the appearance of something wonderful and exciting. This was how I viewed my […]