Branching Out - Archived Content

Here I am again, working away on NaNoWriMo. So many things for this particular novel have fallen into a natural place that it leads me to believe it could actually be the one to win the Out-Of-Editing-Phase race. And I might actually try and publish this one.

But here’s the clincher.

I won’t be under my name.

My first published novel could, in fact, be under a pen name, and therefore not shared here.

I am generally a fantasy and Young Adult author. This book… is quite different from my usual fare. Granted, it is set in the future, so it’s got a little taste of sci-fi. But the writing style is different and it is, more than anything else, in the arena of literary fiction. It’s all about the thinky parts. So rather than confuse any would-be readers with my other future works, I’ll just slip this one in all quiet-like.

This one also draws from some pretty personal feelings, so I like the idea of being a little further outside, while still sharing this part of me. Oooh, Anonymity. It can be lovely.

But there is an up side. I won’t be trying to get any book deals or publisher attention from something so different. It just doesn’t make sense to market myself to a publisher as one thing when I’m really something else most of the time. So, for this one book, I feel very inclined to self publish. That’s right. A thing I never thought I’d do seems completely appropriate for my latest book.

Unfortunately, you won’t know what book it is.

But we can play a guessing game, if you like. If I publish I’ll mention it. And then you can try and guess which new work is mine. I might even tell you if you’re right.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m only on chapter 4.