Challenged - Archived Content

UpSlide_byAEtherPieI have certainly fallen behind again on my August Photo Editing Challenge. But it wouldn’t be a “challenge” if I could just churn them out. But fear not. As with the NaNoWriMo writing challenge, I will be making that final push in the last couple days – and I even have the time off to do it. And, although I’ve been less consistent than I hoped, I am very satisfied with the mere fact that I am getting myself to work in Lightroom almost daily. (There are, in fact, a half dozen photos you have not seen; photos that I have edited, but am not fully satisfied with, instead moving on to others I could finish. So there is indeed more work going on than what I have shown.) And at the end of the day, that’s what these types of challenges are about – pushing yourself to work towards completion of something, and to work regularly at your craft.

Also to that end, I am considering designating one similar project for each month. November is clearly for novel writing; October may need to be novel researching and planning. I have not yet decided what September should be. Probably an organising project (sort 30 folders of photos or 30 pages of research notes for my noveling) or maybe a challenge to edit my writing from years past. After all, Æther Pie is “photography. fiction. film.” and thus far I’ve only tackled one slice of pie. Hopefully I’ll find a way to share those challenges with you as well.

Well, we shall see. But first: there are more photos to be done! Consider yourself updated.