The Certyria Trilogy - Archived Content

Spanning three generations, The Certyria Trilogy is unlike other fantasy series. At times both utterly realistic and fantastical in turn, each story sets the stage for the next. Or the previous.

Each able to stand alone, the stories of The Certyria Trilogy tell a saga of how one life’s events can bleed in to the next and how one generation can finish the work of those who came before, or sometimes pay the price.

Written in reverse chronological order, the third instalment (first to be written) is a collaboration with co-author, Sarah McMellen.


Part 1, Henning Manor

Hadrian Peyton Henning is a mysterious cryptozoologist at the fore of his field in 1898. He has found a strange place in the woods where new creatures seem to pop in and out of existence and has built his family’s home on the grounds to be close to his work. But it isn’t long before one of his subjects of study takes a strange interest in him and his world is turned upside down.

Part 2, The Quirin

Eight year old Cory Wright isn’t quite like the other kids. He isn’t very good at making friends and growing up in ‘weird’ old Henning Manor, built by the mysterious cryptozoologist Hadrian Peyton Henning, he has only his oldest and favourite toy Snibbles to talk to. But that’s all right. Cory can’t remember a time when Snibbles didn’t whisper back to him in the dead of night, offering comfort and stories and companionship.

But when Cory ventures into the woods behind the manor’s overgrown gardens he stumbles into old secrets and hidden creatures from H.P. Henning’s past that just might be the end of Cory.

Part 3, The Bloodstone

Journey Reed loved her life. Until her mom got remarried. Now she has a new step-dad and an annoying new step-brother, and she has to leave all her friends behind to move to a new town and live in a strange and giant house. She finds some refuge in the little town library, but she also finds secrets. Secrets that lead her right back to her new house. Soon, her step-brother begins acting strange, framing Journey for mischief around the house and Journey finds an ally in the strangest form – one who seems to already know all of the house’s secrets.

When The Kid disappears into the woods altogether, Journey and her ally follow him into a whole new world of adventure and mysterious creatures.