Introducing Crowberry - Archived Content

I’ve had this in my mind for quite some time. I’ve been playing with the branding and making small inconsequential decisions. I haven’t finished developing the products yet, but I still wanted to share.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Crowberry. Specifically, at this time, Crowberry Books.


For many years I’ve had ideas for several children’s books. As someone who… well, let’s be frank (Hi Frank!) I can’t draw. So they’ve been on the back burner a long time. I hope to write them (or in two cases, edit and re-write them) illustrations or no illustrations, but part of me has felt that the pictures I envision would inspire the finished work once I could actually see them.

But that won’t stop me from talking about them any longer. And after I finish this year’s NaNoWriMo novel, I hope to get to work on one of these stories.

So, Crowberry Books is the picture book division here at Æther Pie. Any other products I create for children will also be under the Crowberry name. I’m excited to see where I can take this.

One final note about Crowberry Books. I am the author, but I don’t think you will see my name on any of them. It is my current plan to publish my children’s books under a variation of my grandmother’s name. She loved libraries, and I’d love to put her name in them. She also always wanted me to be a teacher. So these books seemed the perfect homage.