My own personal acting site. This one went through many iterations. It was the primary reason I started learning how to code. And after all my test sites and alterations of other designers’ work, I finally hit on one that is all me. The simple design allows my background portrait to do most of the […]

The C Box

This website was an all-encompassing home page for an actor and artist. I took my inspiration from his love of Piet Mondrian, his use of crayons in his artwork, and of course boxes. Emphasis was made in the ability for him to add custom elements on his own, so I created multiple classes for flexibility […]

Fremont Players

The Fremont Players are a Seattle based British panto troupe. After my first design approach hit a wall, I went for something more clean and graphical, but I still wanted it to be very playful. So I emphasised unique fonts and lots of colour accents, while keeping the background neutral. The Design Essentials Designed from […]