Snaggletooth & Snaggletoe

Snaggletooth has one very long tooth. Snaggletoe has one claw that is bigger than the rest. They are monsters and they are best friends. They will carry their own series of books about friendship and acceptance, both of self and others.

The Story of the Stone

A fairytale in which ideas about helping others and asking for help are explored in various ways. Join Kata as he attempts to move a large stone from the path of the other villagers. Is it worthwhile for him to move it? How can such a seemingly insurmountable task even be accomplished? The Story of […]

Lost Lavinia

A shortened picture book version of an original short story, Lost Lavinia takes place in the Victorian period and is told with elements of magical realism. This is the tale of a young girl learning how to cope with losing her way. She has the help of a mystical new friend who shows her how […]