The Certyria Trilogy

Spanning three generations, The Certyria Trilogy is unlike other fantasy series. At times both utterly realistic and fantastical in turn, each story sets the stage for the next. Or the previous. Each able to stand alone, the stories of The Certyria Trilogy tell a saga of how one life’s events can bleed in to the […]

The Guardians

Perhaps my most guarded series, this one has been longest in the making. Consisting of four to five planned books, The Guardians (series name subject to change) will invite you to corners of our world you never knew existed. A world full of fantastical creatures you’ve barely read about and the beings who keep all […]

The Nothing

Alice knows she’s not a ghost. She is alive. She had a childhood. She grew up. People talk to her when she wants them to. But there have always been those moments when she was invisible. For a long time she chalked it up to teen angst. Most teenagers feel like nothing sometimes. But now […]