Aquarium Wallpapers are Coming - Archived Content

Photography has been a little lower on my list of priorities of late, but I am happy to say that I got a little boost of inspiration. After nearly nine years in Seattle, I finally made it to the aquarium. Of course, I think I went through the wrong way. I hit the otters last, when my memory was nearly filled up and the sun was giving an awful glare, and everybody knows they’re the cutest things there. So I didn’t quite capture the shots I would have liked, but I did come out with a few shots that I am having fun with.

A few… Ha!

In fact, I took 500 photos. So it will be some time before all the ones I like trickle on to the web. But here’s one for starters. An adorable squinty otter for your desktop.

i bask

i bask

Just right click and save as, and stay tuned. Hopefully I’ll have a couple more before I go on vacation.

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!