Free Desktop Wallpapers - Archived Content

Bleeding Hearts WallpaperI have decided to turn some of my … shall we say, less unique (read: mostly floral) photography into desktop wallpapers that I am sharing for free. So far I am loving the results I get as I play with the soft colours that make for an attractive, yet not too over-cluttering, image. (I mean, have you ever downloaded a wallpaper that you thought was stunning, only to find that you couldn’t make heads or tails of your icons on top of it?)

I have created a special gallery for them on deviantART. Just make sure you pay attention to my rules below. Don’t be a hooligan, now!

Rules for Downloading Æther Pie Wallpapers

  1. Do not remove watermark from my wallpapers. I made them small-ish and pretty (for now). They shouldn’t get in the way too much.
  2. My art is for personal use only. On your personal computer/device. If you wish to use it online or elsewhere, for any reason, you must ask and I will consider it. (Reblogging my tumblr posts is good, however.)
  3. You DO NOT have permission to sell, alter, or redistribute my work. I may offer stock in the future, but this is not it.