Fremont Players dot com - Archived Content

Whew! I worked hard on this one. Well, I suppose that’s not saying much, relatively speaking, as I’ve only done one website before this. But don’t let that information fool you. This website is fully designed and fully valid. And I couldn’t be more proud!

After my first design approach hit a wall, I went for something more clean and graphical, but I still wanted it to be very playful. So I emphasised unique fonts and lots of colour accents, while keeping the background neutral.

Even though I think I’ve taken care of all the littlest bits, it is still sort of a beta version in my head and editing may still be done. I do also hope to add more pages to the photo gallery – if the relevant photos can be found.

So go play with it. Tell me what you think.

The Design Essentials

  • Designed from scratch by me, including illustrator graphics and editing of poster art work to create icons.
  • Poster artwork by Candace Reiter.
  • Background texture from
  • Freeware Fonts: Sofia and Artifika