Mini Update - Archived Content

Players swatch sample-v1Well, I don’t have a terrible lot to show you yet, but this is a snippet of my starting point: the colour palette and fun fonts. I am still in the phase of gathering artwork, and since I am using that of old show posters from the Fremont Players’ 10 year history, that entails a bit of sleuthing.

I may have settled on a piece for one of the navigation buttons, so if I can share something soon, that will be it.

In the meantime, I have also been busy going over some of my fiction, starting with my 2009 NaNo Novel, which is a prequel to my big ole fantasy epic. I’m getting the itch to actually work on it, so I’m trying to organise all my notes and the discoveries I made during the NaNo exercise.

All told, I’m looking at what should be a productive autumn!