My own personal acting site. This one went through many iterations. It was the primary reason I started learning how to code. And after all my test sites and alterations of other designers’ work, I finally hit on one that is all me. The simple design allows my background portrait to do most of the talking, while the additional elements and colour palette pick out and enhance those background elements.

The Design Essentials

  • Background portrait, taken and edited by me, with floral elements to enhance abstraction behind the text portion of the page. Custom 404 page uses an altered version.
  • Social buttons by me, based on heading font
  • Fonts: Killigraphy, Griffos Small Caps and Griffos Regular, Jenna Sue Regular
  • Photo gallery altered version of Visual Lightbox
  • Contact form altered version of Free Contact Form
  • Blog code derived via Theme Matcher and enhanced with custom pagination and link buttons. (I am still debugging the fonts, since it is a tumblr hosted blog and that makes Firefox unhappy.)