I love a smiling face. So I’m not happy until you are.

When I decided I needed a portfolio website, I had very specific ideas about what I wanted… but with no technical knowledge, I had no idea where to begin.

When I approached Lindsay Crain for advice, she took on my project with enthusiasm and drive. She opened her knowledge to me, and shared with me her passion for language… patiently explaining concepts behind everything from medieval manuscripts, to Chinese calligraphy and dialects, to the anatomy of the new universal languages of html and css.

I was excited to learn from her, but she was equally eager to learn from me. She asked thorough, insightful questions. She explored the foundations of my own artistic expression, eager to see colors and lines and shapes the way I did. In this way, Lindsay was able to find the essence behind my ideas, and made them soar.

Often, in collaboration, the result is a compromise. But the website Lindsay created for me never felt like a compromise. The website she created for me was better than the one I imagined… and she armed me with the flexibility and knowledge I needed to expand it on my own.

Lindsay is an excellent creator, even when working with the creations of others. She is an excellent teacher, even when she is still learning herself. And she is an excellent collaborator, with passion and compassion in equal measure.

Our work together was one of the most fulfilling artistic partnerships I have experienced, and I look forward to working with Lindsay in the future. I hope you will too.