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… and what are rainbows made of?



It’s been awfully quiet around here, hasn’t it? Sorry ’bout that. You may be wondering what on earth I’ve been getting myself up to. And the answer is… well, admittedly not a ton. At least, not a ton of publishable work.

Largely, I’ve been working on couple of big projects. I’ve spent the better part of the past three months plotting, planning, painting, and organising a new classroom at my preschool: the Rainbow Room. Its primary function: ART! It has kept my brain busy! And it has been worth every ounce of effort. There is so much magic and imagination happening in there, I almost don’t feel a need to create my own art. Hopefully I’ll get pictures up one day… when I feel like it’s really done. (Which, of course, an artist’s work never is.)

I have also had another big project: another round of school pictures for my preschool, and they are super adorable (as you can see). I used the blue wall of the Rainbow Room as a backdrop and it made them so bright and happy. I don’t think I can top that next year.

Additionally, every year we use the pictures to create a placemat to give to the students. You know how you used to get those 5×7 cards for your class with everyone’s picture? It’s like that, but bigger. And with better design. …And food-proof.

This year’s placemat design is finally finished and coming back from the printer. Going off the buzz from painting the Rainbow Room, I had a lot of fun with a rainbow theme. And yet, I know it’s still clean and simple. I wish I could show you. Perhaps I’ll blur the faces for a later post. (Though that would make me sad, because they’re so darn cute! *see above)

Why do I mention a beautiful thing I can’t share online?

Freebies, of course!

During the design process, I created several versions of circular and rectangular frames (using these amazing brushes). But I only needed one. So what am I to do with the rest? Why give them away, of course!

This pack contains 5 circle frames: three multi-colour, one grey, and one grey/wall-colour blue. All are transparent png format, over 1000 pixels in dimension. (The rectangular ones are odd dimensions, so they have not been included. I will release them if, and when, I make them into a more commonly used ratio.)

I hope you enjoy them! And if you use them on your blog or website, please let me know! I’d love to see them in action. (And please give folks a link back to this page.)


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